Yieh.com strives to ensure all of the contents on the website are straight and latest. Yieh.com no needs to take responsibility for edition error and omission. Also, under the maximum extension of norm of law, Yieh.com will not be liable for loss or damage whether users utilize any source from Yieh.com's website. All of the contents and management in the website are conducted by the criteria of Yieh.com.

Online Privacy Policy

This statement is to provide the notice for browsers that how Yieh.com to use, collect and manage the information from users. Meanwhile, Yieh.com regards the personal privacy as the most important issue, devoting to protect the internet security of personal data.

Data Collection

When users click, browse or log on the Yieh.com, all of the actions will be the record to be analyzed for on-line survey. Yieh.com will do the marketing research based on IP Address, country, browser type, related links and contact information from users. All of the collected information from users can facilitate website team to improve market info and better customer service.

Yieh.com will not share any user data with other unrelated firms in order to ensure the internet security if browsers access into Yieh.com from other websites or ads.

Subscription Services

Yieh.com provides free subscription service of market news for subscribers by email. Yieh.com retains the authority of delivery and does not ensure that every subscriber can receive without delay.

B2B On-line Services

Yieh.com offers the e-business service for users through online trading platform as B2B model. Yieh.com retains the authority to publish products and prices in Yieh.com. All of the transaction details will be protected, and be applied to online survey.

Access Security

Yieh.com's website team takes responsibility to protect users' data from any possibility of misappropriation, modification and reproduction. Yieh.com can verify user data to avoid unauthorized access into website.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The contents of the website are made available by Yieh Corp., so that website visitors can read information about the product range of Yieh Corp. and our company. The handling of personal data of the site visitors follows the strict requirements of the GDPR.

We take the protection of your privacy when using our website very seriously as this important to us. In the following we are pleased to inform you about the collection of personal data.

The EU data protection took effect on May 25, 2018. By using our services on or after that date, you’ll be agreeing to these revisions:
1. Personal data will be processed for the purpose of possible orders and comply with legal obligations for customer services.
2. Personal data have the right to access the content and rectification, removal, limitation of processing and withdraw it at any time.
3. Personal data will not be transferred or analyzed to a third country or the international organization.
4. Personal data will be kept for the period required by law.