Electro Galvanized Steel (EGI)

Electro Galvanized Steel (EGI)

Electro galvanized steel (EGI) creates a durable product with anti-fingerprints and scratches. It has good corrosion resistance, processability, weldability, and paintability.

Electro-galvanized steel coated in various thicknesses, painted on one or both sides, can extend the life of the steel and maintain room temperature. This coating is ideal for a facade finish in white goods and architectural applications.

Mechanical Properties

Steel Grade- JIS G3302 SGC340
  • Yield Point or Proof Stress
  • 245 min. MPa
  • Tensile Strength
  • 340 min. MPa
  • Elongation
  • 20 min. %

Product Specification and Size :

Electro Galvanized Steel (EGI)

Specifications JIS G3313 SECC JIS G3313 SECD JIS G3313 SECE
Quality Commercial Quality Drawing Quality Deep Drawing Quality
Usage Furniture, Computer Case, Electronic Parts, Electrical Equipment Automobile Automobile
Type of Surface Treatment Chromate Treatment, Phosphate Treatment, Oiling
Available Size Thickness: 0.3~1.6mm
Width: 850~1580mm
Coating Weight: 10-30g/m (single side)
Max. Coil Weight: ≦ 20 MT

The table above shows the widest range of product dimensions. For a detailed acceptable order range, please contact Sales & Marketing Division.



Electro-galvanized steel has suitable appearance and is widely used for interior applications. Electro-galvanized steel is ideal for manufacturing applications and exhibits excellent formability. The typical applications of electro-galvanized steel include acoustic ceiling tiles, door frames, switchboards and automotive panels.

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