Ungalvanized Steel Wire Ropes

Ungalvanized Steel Wire Ropes

Product Specification and Size :


1) 6X7+FC & 7X7 from 3mm to 20mm
2) 6X12+7FC,6X19+FC,6X15+7FC from 3mm to 28mm
3) 8x19+FC & 8x19S+FC from 6mm to 28mm
4) 6x19S & 6x19W from 6mm to 24mm
5) 6x37+FC & 6x37+IWRC(IWS) from 6mm to 28mm
6) 18x7+FC,19x7 from 4mm to 34mm
7) 6x36WS+FC,6x36WS+IWRC from 8mm to 34mm
8) 8x36WS+FC(IWRC) from 10mm to 34mm
9) 6x24+7FC from 6mm to 28mm
10) 6x25(Fi)+FC from 8mm to 20


Ungalvanized wires are designed to be flexible with a good fatigue life. Ungalvanized Wires are extensively used in general industries, including crane ropes, winch ropes, hoist ropes, wire ropes and rigging applications.


Packing is plywood reel or wooden reel packing and coil packing with a short length, and the ropes could be kept in a good condition.