Standards Association and Institute
AA Aluminum Association, U.S.A. .
AAR Association of American Railroads, U.S.A.
AASHO American Association of State Highway Officials, U.S.A.
AATCC American Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists, U.S.A.
ABS American Bureau of Shipping, U.S.A.?
ACI Alloy Casting Institute, U.S.A.
ACS American Chemical Society, U.S.A.
AD Alloy Casting Institute, U.S.A.
ADA American Dental Association, U.S.A.
AEIC Association of Edison Illuminating Co., U.S.A.
AFBMA Anti-Friction Bearing Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
AGA American Gas Association, U.S.A.
AGMA American Gear Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
AIEE American Institute of Electrical Engineers, U.S.A.
AIIS American Institute for International Steel, U.S.A.
AIME American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers, U.S.A.
AISA Australian Independent Steel Association, Australia.
AISC American Institute of Steel Construction, U.S.A.
AISI American Iron and Steel Institute, U.S.A.
ALCOA Aluminum Company of America, U.S.A.
AMCA Air Moving and Conditioning Association, U.S.A.
AMS Aerospace Material Specifications-SAE, U.S.A.
AN Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Standards, U.S.A.
ANA Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Bulletin, U.S.A.
AND Air Force-Navy Aeronautical Design Standards, U.S.A.
ANSI American National Standards Institute, U.S.A.
AOAC Association of Official Agricultural Chemists, U.S.A.
AOCS American Oil Chemists' Society, U.S.A.
APHA American Pubic Health Association, U.S.A.
API American Petroleum Institute, U.S.A.
ARB Air Registration Board, U.K.
AREA American Railway Engineering Association, U.S.A.
ARI Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, U.S.A.
AS Australian Standards, Australia
ASA American Standards, Association, U.S.A. (USASI)
ASAE American Society of Agricultural Engineers, U.S.A.
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers, U.S.A.
ASE Association Suisse des Electriciens-SEV Switzerland
ASHRAE American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers, U.S.A.
ASM American Society for Metals, U.S.A.
ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers, U.S.A.
ASPA Alloy Steel Producers Association, India.
ASPIBI Associationof Indonesian Steel Ingot & Billet Manufacturers, Indonesia.
ASRE American Society of Refrigerating Engineers, U.S.A.
ASTM American Society for Testing and Materials, U.S.A. (ASHRAE)
ASTME American Society of Tool Manufacturing Engineers, U.S.A.
ASTPM Association of Steel Tube and Pipe Manufacturers of South Africa, South Africa
AWPA American Wire Producers Association, U.S.A.
AWS American Welding Society, U.S.A.
AWWA American Water Works Association, U.S.A.
AWS American Welding Society, U.S.A.
BDS Comite Supreme de I'Automobile, France
BS British Standards, U.K.
BV Bureau Veritas, France
CCS China Classification Society, China
CEE International Commission on Rules for the Approval of Electric Equipment
CEI Omitato Electtrotecnico Italiano. Italy
CEMA Canadian Electrical Manufacturers Association, Canada
CGA Compressed Gas Association, U.S.A.
CII Confederation of Indian Industries, India
CIMM Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum, Canada
CISPR International Special Committee on Radio Interference
CNS Chinese National Standards, Taiwan
CR China Corporation Register of Shipping. Taiwan
CS Commerical Standards, U.S.A.
CSA Canadian Standards Association, Canada
CSB Centrala Sjukvardsberedningen-SIS, Sweden
CSN Ceskoslovenskych Norem, Czekoslovakia
CSPA Canadian Steel Producers Association, Canada
CGSB Canadian Government specification Board, Canada
DCDMA Diamond Core Drill Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
DGN Direccion General de Normas, Mexico
DIN Deutsche Industrie-Norm, Germany
DNV Det Norske Veritas, Norway
DS Dansk Standards, Denmark
DTD Directorate of Technical Development, U.K.
ECSC European Coal & Steel Community, Europe
EEI Edison Electric Institute, U.S.A.
EIA Electronic Industries Association, U.S.A.
EISA European Independent Steelworks Association, Europe
EN European Standards
ENO Greek Standards Committe, Technical Chamber of Greece, Greece
EOCI Electric Overhead Crane Institute, U.S.A.
EOS Federal Specifications and Standards, U.S.A.
ESSDIG European Stainless Steel Development & Information Group, Europe?
ESTA European Steel Tube Association, Europe
EURONORM Normen der Europaischen Gemeinschaft Fur Kohle und Stahl
FDA Foods and Drugs Administration, U.S.A.
FHMA Feedwater Heater Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
FS Federal Specifications and Standards, U.S.A.
GAPBESI Federation of the Indonesia Iron & Steel Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
GB China Standards, China
GOST State Committee on Standards, Russia
GL Germanischer Lloyd, Germany
HDGASA Hop Dip Galvanizers Association Southern Africa, South Africa
HEI Heat Exchange Institute, U.S.A.
HMA Hoist Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
HI Hydraulic Institute, U.S.A.
IBR Indian Boiler Regularation, India
IBS Insituto Brasileiro de Siderurgia, Brazil
ICBO International Conference of Building Officials
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission, U.S.A.
IEE Institute of Electrical Engineers, U.K.
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, U.S.A.
IES Illuminating Engineering Society, U.S.A.
IFI Industrial Fasteners Institute, U.S.A.
IISI International Iron and Steel Institute
ILAFA Instituto Latinoamericano del Fierro y el Acero, South American?
INDITECNOR Institute Nacional de Investigaciones Tecnologicas y Normalizacion. Chile
IP Institute of Petroleum, U.K.
IPCEA Insulated Power Cable Engineers Association, U.S.A.
IPLOCA International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors' Association
IRAM Institute Argentino de Racionalizacion de Materials, Argentine
IRE Institute of Radio Engineers, U.S.A.
IREPAS International Rebars Exporters & Producers Association
IRSS Indian Railway Standard Specification, India
IS Indian Standards, India
ISD Indian Stores Department, India
ISI Indian Standards, India
I.S. Irish Standards, Ireland
ISA International Federation of the National Standardizing Association
ISO International Organization for Standardization
IVES Venezuelan Steel Institute, Venezuela
JAN Joint Army-Navy Specifications, U.S.A.
JASO Japanese Automobile Standards Organization, Japan?
JEDEC Joint Electronic Device Engineering Council-EIA, U.S.A
JIC Joint Industry Conference, U.S.A.
JIS Japan Industrial Standards, Japan
JISF Japan Iron & Steel Federation, Japan?
JRS Japanese National Railway Standards, Japan
JUS Jugoslovenski Standard, Yugoslavia
KOSA Korea Iron and Steel Association, Korea ?
KRS Korean Register of Shipping, Korea?
KS Korean Standards, South Korea?
LR Federal Specifications and Standards, U.S.A. ?
MAC Mining Association of Canada, Canada?
MBMA Metal Building Manufacturers Association, U.S.A. ?
MCA Metal Construction Association, U.S.A.
MIL Military Specifications and Standards, U.S.A.
MNC Metallnormcentralen-SIS, Sweden
MPIF Metal Powder Industries Federation, U.S.A.?
MRA Metal roofing Alliance, U.S.A.
MS Military Standards, U.S.A
MSCI Metals Service Center Institute, U.S.A.
MSS Manufacturers standardization Society of the Valve and Fitting Industry, U.S.A.
MSZ Magyar Szabvanyugyi Hivatal, Hungary
NAB National Association of Broadcasters, U.S.A.
NARTB National Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, U.S.A.
NB Normas Brasileiras, Brazil
NBCC National Building Code of Canada, Canada
NBFU National Board of Fire Underwriters, U.S.A.
NBN Normas Belges, Belgium
NBS National Bureau of Standards, U.S.A.
NEC National Electrical Code-USASI CI. U.S.A.
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
NEMCO Norges Elektriske Materiell kontroll, Norway
NEN Nederlandse Norm, Netherlands
NF Norme Francaise, France?
NFPA National Fire Protection Association, U.S.A.
NK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai, Japan?
NMTBA National Machine Tool Builders' Association, U.S.A.
NORVEN Venezuelische Norm, Venezuela
NP Norma Portuguesa, Portugal
NS Norsk Standard, Norway
NZSS New Zealand Standard Specifications, New Zealand
NV Norske Veritas, Norway
ONORM Osterreichische Norm, Austria ?
OVE Osterreichische Elektrotechnischer Verein, Austria
PCA Philippine Constructors Association, Philippine
PEI Porcelain Enamel Institute, U.S.A.
PISI Philippine Iron & Steel Institute, Philippine?
PMA Precision Metalforming Association, U.S.A.
PN Porska Norma, Poland?
PSA Philippine Steelmakers Association, Philippine
PRSS Pakistan Railway Standard Specification, Pakistan
PS Pakistan Standards, Pakistan
RETMA Radio Electronic Television Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
RI Registro Itliano Navale, Italy
RMA Rubber Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.?
SABS South African Bureau of Standards, REP. of South Africa
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers, U.S.A.
SAISI South African Iron and Steel Institute, South Africa? Metal Construction Association, U.S.A.
SEAISI South-East Asia Iron & Steel Institute, South-East Asia ?
SEMKO Svenska Elektriska Materielkontrollanstalten, Sweden
SEN Svenska Elektrotekniska Normer-SIS, Sweden.?
SEV Schweizerischer Elektrotechnischer Verein=SAE, Switzerland
SFS Finlands Standardiserings Kommission, Finland
SI Irael Standards, Sweden
SIS Swedish Standards Institute, Sweden
SMA Steel Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
SMS Sveriges Mekanforbunds Standardcentral-SIS, Sweden
SNV Schweizerische Normenvereinigung, Switzerland
SPR Simplified Practice Recommendation, U.S.A.
STA Superintendent Technical Application, U.K.
STAS Standard de Stat, Rumania
STI Steel Tube Institute of North America, North America
TAPPI Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry, U.S.A.
TEMA Tubular Exchanger Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
TRA Tire and Rim Association, U.S.A.Deutsche Industrie-Norm, Germany
TS Turk Standardlari, Turkey
TSIIA Steel & Iron Industries Association, Taiwan
UIC International Union of Railways
UL Underwriters' Laboratories, U.S.A.
UNCO Una Norma Colombiana, Colombia
UNE Una Norma Espanola, Spain?
UNI Unificazione, Italy
UNIT Institute Uruguayo de Normas Technicas, Urugray
UNS Unified Numbering System
USASI United States of American Standards Institute, U.S.A.
USCG U.S. Coast Guards, U.S.A.
VSM Verein Schweizerischer Maschinenindustrieller, Switzerland ?
VDE Verband Deutscher Elektrotechniker, Germany
VDEH Verein Deutscher Eisenhuttenleute, Germany
VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure, Germany? Turk Standardlari, Turkey