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Galvanized Steel Wire Ropes

The galvanized steel wire rope includes hot plating and electroplated steel wire rope, because of many reasons, which only keeps the weight of zinc coat reach about 55g; above this standard, we have difficulty as to keep our goods quality.



(1) 6 x 24 + 7FC Galvanized rigging ropes 

(2) 6 x 19 (12 + 6 + 1) Galvanized rigging ropes 

(3) 6 x 26 WS and 6 x 19 S Galvanized trawl warps 

(4) 6 x 7 (1+6) fibre core Galvanized trawl warps 

(5) 7 x 7 (1+6) Galvanized trawl warps

(6) 6x 19s, 6x 19w, 6x 25fi, 6x 31ws, 6x 29fi, 6x 36ws, 6x 37s, 
6x 37, 8x 19s, 8x19w, 8x 25fi, 8x 26ws, 18x 7, 6x 12

Inner and outer packing

Packed with plywood wooden ship, liner dampproof paper, outside bale with white three-in-one to prevent damp with plastic woven cloth.