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Ungalvanized Steel Wire Ropes


For most constructions and size, dry or best lubrication or suitable lubrication with nominal T/S, which is our very common product.

1) 6X7+FC & 7X7 from 3mm to 20mm

2) 6X12+7FC,6X19+FC,6X15+7FC from 3mm to 28mm

3) 8x19+FC & 8x19S+FC from 6mm to 28mm

4) 6x19S & 6x19W from 6mm to 24mm

5) 6x37+FC & 6x37+IWRC(IWS) from 6mm to 28mm

6) 18x7+FC,19x7 from 4mm to 34mm

7) 6x36WS+FC,6x36WS+IWRC from 8mm to 34mm

8) 8x36WS+FC(IWRC) from 10mm to 34mm

9) 6x24+7FC from 6mm to 28mm

10) 6x25(Fi)+FC from 8mm to 20

Packing is plywood reel or wooden reel packing and coil packing with short length, the ropes could be kept in a good condition.